School of International Education

Founded in February 2020, the School of International Education, is a subordinate school of Hefei University responsible for international education with three functional offices: Administration Office, Enrolment and Students’ Affairs Office, and Teaching Affairs Office.

Hefei University is one of the 18 universities which accepts foreign students, and is the cultivation unit of “Study in Hefei” and “Study in Anhui”Scholarships for international students. In 2014, it was approved as a commissioned cultivation university for Chinese government scholarship students. In 2019, the university passed the first batch of quality assessment for overseas students in China commissioned by the Ministry of Education, China.

The School of International Education integrates the teaching resources of Chinese as a Foreign Language. Till now, there are 39 teaching staff including 2 professors, 17 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer and 30 staff with master degrees or above. Some of them have taught Chinese courses in Germany, South Korea, Egypt, Senegal and other countries, forming a stable and high-quality teaching team. The School of International Education has developed a sound management system for international students. There are international students' apartments with service personnel on duty 24 hours a day and well-equipped classrooms for international students with guidance tutors. Every year the passing rate of HSK 4 for international students remains at a high level.

At present, there are 204 international students from Korea, Germany, Cambodia, Nepal, Laos and other countries studying in the university, with 172 studying degree programs. The school offers a total of 28 Chinese and cultural courses, and assists other colleges to set up 244 specialized courses.

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