Electronics and Information Engineering (2+3)


Period of Study: FiveYears (2+3)

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering(China & Germany)

Objectives:According to the agreement between Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and Hefei University, the program, with the dual-college-dual-phase-dual-degree” talentcultivation mode, aims toenable students to specialize inelectronics and information system, and to be competent in jobs like research, design, manufacture, application and development of various types of electronic equipment and information systems. In 5 years after graduation, graduates are able to become the backbone or project management engineers of electronic information enterprises and institutions, Sino-foreign joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises.

Plan:According to the agreement signed with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, students are supposed to complete basic specialized courses including German. And those who pass the exams on German and specialized courses organized by German expertswill be admitted to Anhalt University of Applied Sciences to study in one of such fields as Electronic Information Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Media Technology for the following 3 years. Graduates are conferred degrees of both universities. And outstanding graduates can continue to apply for MasterDegree in Germany.

Curriculum (in China): German, CollegePhysics, Engineering Mathematics, English, Electrical Engineering, AdvancedLanguage Programming, etc.

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