German for Economics?and?Trade ( 2+3?)


Period of Study: Five Years (2+3)

Degree: Bachelor Degree of Art (China & Germany)

Objectives: This programme, with the dual-college-dual-phase-dual-degree” talentcultivation mode, aims to enable students to specialize in both German languages and business management, international finance and trade.

Plan: According to the agreement between Oldenburg-East Frieslad-William Haffen University of Applied Sciences and Hefei University, students are supposed to have their study at Hefei University for the first two years, and those who pass the exams organized by German professors can further their study in Oldenburg-East Frieslad-William Haffen University of Applied Sciences for the following three years. Graduates will be awarded Bachelor Degree respectively by both universities, who are competent for jobs in business management, international trade, translation, and German language teaching.

Curriculum: Basic German, Intermediate German, German Reading, German Listening and Conversation, German Grammar, German Writing, German and Chinese Translation, Chinese and German Cultural Seminar, German for Tourism, German  in Economics and Trade,  Civil Economics, Business Economics, Auditing, Marketing, Cost Accounting, Economic Laws, Accounting, Tax Law, International Financial Management, Enterprise psychology, and International Business Management.

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