Information Security and Management


Period of Study: Three Years (1.5+1.5)

Objectives: With the dual-college-dual-phase-dual-degree”talentcultivation mode, the program aims to enable students to be competent in Korean language, computer hardware and software, network construction, management and maintenance, and network software development, and to be qualified for China-Korea cultural communication and jobs in Korean-ventured enterprises and business institutions.

Plan: According to the agreement between Hefei University and Cheju Halla University of Applied Sciences, students are supposed to have their study at Hefei University for the first one and a halfyears, and to further their study in Halla University for the rest one and a halfyears, upon application and examination. Graduates will be awarded associate diplomas by both universities, and excellent students under the program could pursue their undergraduate study in South Korea.

Curriculum(in China):Korean, Specialized Korean for Information Security and Management, C Language Programming, Data Structure,Circuit and Electronics, Network Operating System,Electronic Commerce, Business Theory,Management Information System, Basic Data Communication Technology, Computer Network Basics,Database Technology, NRP, Network Engineering, Information and Network Security, Web Application System Development, Network System Management, An Introduction to Mobile Communication,Multi-MediaTechnology, Basic RFID, Logistics Management, Wireless Network Technology. 

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